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Worship in Prayer

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  • How did you first learn to pray? |
  • Must we always use the A-C-T-S acronym when we pray? |
  • What was Jesus' first teaching on prayer? |
  • What kind of pray-ers are we? |
  • Are we true worshipers? |
  • Why was it so significant when Jesus said we will worship the Father? |
  • What does it mean, to worship the Lord in truth? |
  • Is worship an option in our prayer lives? |
  • Do we worship God as He is, or as we want Him to be? |
  • Have you ever considered that God seeks worshipers? |
  • What is the first thing Jesus taught His disciples about prayer? |
  • How do we hallow God's name? |
  • Is worship more than prayer? |
  • Do we worship the Lord in the way we live? |
  • Do we see the Lord as holy? |
  • Does our worship reflect personal experience with the Lord? |
  • Do we need a personal place for prayer and worship? |
  • Why do you think the Lord wants us to worship Him? |
  • When we worship, what do we place on the altar? |
  • Our Prayer of Worship |