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Abiding in the Vine

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  • What Kind of Relationship Does Our Lord Want with Us? |
  • Why Would Jesus Identify Himself as the True Vine? |
  • Why Would Jesus Describe His Disciples as Branches on a Vine? |
  • Did Jesus Mean It when He said, "Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing"? |
  • Are We Abiding in Christ? |
  • The Comforter Abides with Us. |
  • What Is the Fruit Jesus Wants Us to Bear? |
  • Why Did Jesus Include the Gardener in His Analogy of the Vine and the Branches? |
  • Our Father Is the Gardener, Who Prunes the Branches on the Vine. |
  • Pruning Wild Shoots from the Branches of the Vine. |
  • What Does the Lord Expect from Those Who Abide in the Vine? |
  • Abiding in the Vine Is Abiding in Prayer. |
  • Abiding in the Vine with Continuous Prayer. |
  • How Much Are We Loved? |
  • Are We Abiding in Jesus' Love? |
  • How Do We Remain in Jesus' Love? |
  • How Are We to Abide in Jesus' Love? |
  • You Are My Friends?  |
  • How Does It Make You Feel to Realize that Jesus Is Willing to Be Your Friend? |
  • Our Prayer, to Abide in the Vine. |