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Asking For Spirit of Jesus

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  • Is the Spirit of Jesus evident in our lives? |
  • Do we ask for the Spirit of Jesus? |
  • Are we mighty in Spirit? |
  • Are we like Jesus in His humility? |
  • Are we like Jesus in His obedience? |
  • Are we like Christ in our submission? |
  • Do we forgive like Jesus? |
  • Are we as dependent upon God as Jesus was? |
  • Do we love as unconditionally as Jesus did? |
  • Are we as patient as Jesus was? |
  • Do we experience Jesus' peace? |
  • Do we have compassion as Jesus did? |
  • Do we have Jesus' self-control? |
  • Are we gentle like Jesus? |
  • Are we living as light in this dark world? |
  • Are we living righteous lives? |
  • Are we living in the promised land? |
  • Are we living in Christ's truth? |
  • Are we men and women of prayer? |
  • Our prayer for the Spirit of Jesus |