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Asking For Spirits Power

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  • Would we describe ourselves as filled with God's power? |
  • Is divine power ours? with the Spirit? |
  • Are we imitating Paul? |
  • What must we do to experience divine power? |
  • Are we depending on self? |
  • Are we experiencing the Spirit's incomparably great power? |
  • Are we bearing fruit? |
  • Does God manifest His resurrection power in us? |
  • Are we living in the presence of the Father through the Son? |
  • Does Christ dwell in our hearts? in our lives? |
  • Do we know the love of Christ? |
  • Are we asking God to work within us? |
  • Are we living as children of light? |
  • Are we keeping in step with the Spirit? |
  • Are we living to please God? |
  • Are we fanning the flame of the Spirit? |
  • Is the power of the Spirit a reality in us? |
  • Are we strong in the Lord and in His mighty power? |
  • Does the Spirit empower our prayers? |
  • Our prayer for the Spirit's power |