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  • Are you praying for spiritual covering? |
  • Is Satan real? |
  • Does Satan really roam the earth? |
  • How powerful an enemy is Satan? |
  • Why should we be concerned about Satan? |
  • Do you have authority over Satan? |
  • Are you running from Satan, or is he running from you? |
  • Why is it important to understand our spiritual authority? |
  • Is Jesus' authority all we need to defeat Satan with our prayers? |
  • How are we to exercise our authority over Satan? |
  • Are we prepared to stand our ground against Satan? |
  • Have we put on the full armor of God? |
  • Are we wearing our belt of truth? |
  • Have we put on our breastplate of righteousness? |
  • Are our feet planted on solid ground when we pray? |
  • Have we taken up our shield of faith? |
  • Have we taken up the helmet of salvation? |
  • Do we take up the sword of the Spirit when we pray? |
  • Why is it important to stand our ground in prayer? |
  • Our prayer for spiritual covering |