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Intercession Our Privilege

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  • Do you consider yourself a priest? |
  • Can we do anything more important for those we love than praying for them? |
  • If we're to be effective intercessors, what kind of life are we to live? |
  • Do you ever consider that your prayers may end up as something real and tangible in heaven? |
  • How does Jesus spend His time? |
  • Are our prayers one with Jesus' prayers? |
  • How can we demonstrate the love of Christ? |
  • Are we clear-minded, so we can pray? |
  • What does Job have to teach us about intercessory prayer? |
  • When people come to mind, do you pray for them? |
  • Do you ever pray forcefully? Wielding prayer like a weapon? |
  • Do we set boundaries with our prayers? |
  • Is intercession a special calling? |
  • Who are called to intercede? |
  • Why are our prayers so important? |
  • Are we satisfied with our intercessory prayer lives? |
  • Does God wait on our prayers? |
  • Have you considered prayerlessness as sin? |
  • Is prayerlessness a stronghold in your life? |
  • Our prayer for intercession. |