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Intercession Our Responsibility

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  • Are we limiting God? |
  • Who else is praying? |
  • Do we labor in prayer? |
  • Are we available for intercession? |
  • Is praying for others optional? |
  • Do we find intercession easy? |
  • Do you feel adequately equipped to intercede? |
  • Do we pray as though we're alive in Christ? |
  • Are we bringing others before the throne? |
  • Are we drawn to prayer? |
  • Are we all meant to be intercessors? |
  • How do we pray when we don't know what to ask? |
  • Are words essential when we pray? |
  • Are we listening to the Spirit? |
  • Do we need special training to be an intercessor? |
  • Do you have trouble seeing yourself as a prayer warrior? |
  • Are we standing in the gap? |
  • Do you have a daily routine for prayer? |
  • Are we praying with our mind? |
  • Intercession: our prayer |