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Developing a Relationship with God

Practical Prayer Help for Individuals

You and Your God, One on One!

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Watch the video to discover the many ways in which PrayerPower’s helpful materials can make a difference in your personal spiritual growth and relationship with God. (Products shown below.)

Here’s prayer help for your prayer life—and your personal relationship with God

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You can learn how to know God, how to enjoy a real and vital personal relationship with God, by developing a consistent and purposeful prayer life.

PrayerPower supplies materials based upon the teaching of Jesus, to help you build that kind of prayer life. Personal prayer journals will help you enjoy and deepen your personal relationship with God. Prayer Guides and PowerLines supply Scripture prayers that focus on specific needs and relationships. Books and video-based prayer studies provide for deeper study and group interaction. These are all prepared with you in mind—resources to help your grow in your prayer life and relationship with God.

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A valuable tool for pastors and Pregnancy Center counselors—and a decision-time must for women contemplating their future and that of their unborn babies.14 Scripture-based prayers, other helpful information.

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A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer Life – an 8-week study that focuses on the prayer teaching of Jesus in the Gospels.
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Learning to Live in Fellowship with God – a 4-week study for anyone who desires a closer walk with God
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Handbook – How to Grow in Your Prayer Life

This is a guide to a stronger and more consistent prayer life.
It's a "must" for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.