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Men of Prayer Making Right Choices

Men of Faith Are Men of Prayer

Learn to Pray

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Watch the video for an introduction to PrayerPower’s special series designed to help today’s man make life’s most important choices.

In the Bible, and throughout history, men of faith have been men of prayer. The great prayers of the Bible are the men — Moses, Jeremiah, David, Paul, and Jesus Himself. All of them lived in a vital personal relationship with God — and all understood the power of prayer for men.

The man who makes real progress in life is the man who makes right choices. Here in the 21st century, men are making life-forming choices every day. The choices have to do not only with that personal relationship with God (the most important choices of all) but regularly with moral temptations, career decisions and changes, family problems…the range is wide and the significance enormous.

But God has provided help in His Word. The power-packed Crossroads prayer guides are for men of faith who desire to make those choices as men of prayer. Here you will find help as you focus prayer on the challenging issues you face today.

Watch the brief video, and check out the list of topics available to you in the Crossroads series below. Each booklet guides you through a week of personal instruction and directed prayer as you face life choices with courage and confidence.

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The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:22 to "put off the old man" (the old self, the old patterns of life that followed the ways of the world) and "put on the new man." Clearly, we are to believe that "if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation," and that new creation — the new man, indeed — can expect new power to enable him to live as God wants him to do. Here is help for knowing what this means — and how it can be done.


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