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75 Timely Articles on Prayer –
How to Pray, and Much More

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Jesus' Teaching on Prayer

Practical Help for a Daily Quiet Time

Love Relationship with God

Strengthening Your Prayer Life

Names of God

  • Names of God
    Includes 14 Old Testament Hebrew names and titles for God, complete with verse references and explanation of meaning and how to use in prayer, 4 pgs.
  • Lifting the Banner in Worship
    A helpful illustration for worship, imagining a banner with one of God’s names as you begin your prayers of worship, 1 pg.
  • Organizing Intercession with the Names of God
    Keep intercession list in sections by categories; add and pray names of God that indicate His nature and ability too meet those specific needs, 1 pg.
  • Hallowing God's Name
    Hallowing God’s name strengthens our faith, for it reminds us of who He is — and how able, 1 pg.
  • El Emunah. The Faithful God
    Where is God first identified as El Emunah, the Faithful God? How might we use this name in prayer? 1 pg.
  • El Shaddai, God Almighty
    Why God’s title El Shaddai reveals His nature as powerful as well as tender. 1 pg.
  • Immanuel
    Jesus came as Immanuel, God with us, to show us what the Father is like: He and the Father are one, 1 pg.
  • Jehovah, I Am Who I Am
    God’s names not only reveal part of His nature, but through them He is revealig who He is willing to be in our lives, 1 pg.
  • Jesus...Jehovah...I Am Who I Am
    Jesus is Jehovah; His very name means “Jehovah, Our Salvation.” He is Jehovah of the Old Testament, Jesus of the New Testament, 1 pg.
  • Lord of the Harvest
    Jesus said — actually, commanded — that we pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into His harvest field, 1 pg.
  • Setting the Lord Before Us
    13 names of God, including Our Resting Place, King of the Nations; each has verse and explanation, followed by prayer prompt, 6 pgs.
  • Jesus Is Greater Than
    13 names of God, including Our Resting Place, King of the Nations; each has verse and explanation, followed by prayer prompt, 6 pgs.
  • Names of Jesus
    61 names of Jesus with Scripture verses, 3 pgs.

Praying God's Word

  • Why Should We Pray God's Word?
    The simple answer is that He promises to answer when we pray His will, and His Word expresses His will. There are other promises noted here as well, 1 pg.
  • Teaching Children to Pray God's Word
    Children memorize Scriptures in various church activities and programs, so why not teach them to memorize some that they can learn to pray early in life? Examples given, 1 pg.
  • Putting off the Old, Putting on the New
    It’s important that we not simply confess sins and surrender weaknesses, but that we ask for God’s victory — putting on our new character in Christ, 1 pg.
  • Praying as We Read God's Word
    If we read God’s Word prayerfully, praying as we go, it can easily become an integral part of our prayer time, 1 pg.

Praying With Others

Praying for Others

Hindrances to Prayers Being Heard

Questions and Concerns about Prayer

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